15 New Research Paper Topics In Marine Biology

Finding a research paper topic is just as critical as or probably more critical than the conducting the actual study. This is because the direction that the work takes is predetermined in the choice of the topic. Selecting research paper topics for biology papers calls for more than just theoretical knowledge of what constitutes biology. One should have first hand practical information to be able to connect with nature and choose a suitable topic for a particular subject or course. Marine biologists are one lot of people that always have something interesting to study and appreciate the beauty of nature. However, interesting is not enough for a study to meet the set objectives. One must get a suitable topic that will cover a reasonable scope as well as allow one to make meaningful contributions to their field. Some of the reliable sources of research topics include academic writing sites, tutors and college libraries among others. Even though one is expected to research and write on a specific subject, it is always advisable for one to study other connected subjects. This enables one to be widely informed before they can narrow down to a specific topic.

The most convenient source where one can actually find several options of topics is the internet. Almost every student can now access internet whether through their smart phones or computers. Especially on writing websites, one can simply type research paper topics marine biology and have the pleasure of choosing a perfect topic for their study. Below is a list of good topics that one can consider exploring in marine biology

  1. International organizations’ efforts to increase the growth of white whales
  2. The comparison between fish hunting and fish farming in the areas along the Atlantic
  3. The factors that affect fish farming in highly industrialized countries
  4. Discussing the global state of marine fish farming and the possible strategies to improve the current state
  5. How fish seasons affect the commercial marine fishing in landlocked countries
  6. Possible cause and solutions to over fishing in the Atlantic ocean
  7. Developing balanced food chains in the marine ecosystems by revolutionizing the food supply systems
  8. The effects of adopting exotic fish for pets and the dynamics involved in the same
  9. The damage caused by oil spillage on the marine wildlife and the practical measures to keep marine life safe
  10. Dangers that marine wildlife pose on the lovers of underwater photography
  11. Popular research methodologies in marine biology science and the dynamics of completing such studies.
  12. The impact of weather alterations on the growth of fish population in tropical seas
  13. Strategies of developing sustainable artificial plankton blooms
  14. Ensuring safe consumption of sea food in tropical areas: strategic retrieval of sea food
  15. Impact of global warming on fish population and effective measures to correct the situation

Completing a standard research paper for biology subjects requires a well thought of choice of topic. The kind of topic chosen automatically determines what goes around in the rest of the work. The theme presented in the introduction, body and conclusion of the paper is linked to the topic. The good news is that the internet is awash with professional paper writers who always have ready help for students in need of top notch topics.