12 PhD Research Paper Topics About Eating Disorders

Have you ever had so much trouble coming up with your own research paper PhD assignment topic that you’ve considered taking the fail and hoping to make up the grade later in the semester? If you said yes to this question then you might find some solace in knowing you are not alone. Every day students around the country stress out about important assignments before they even get started for the simple fact that they cannot come up with a good PhD research paper topics. We’ve made it easier for you and many others by constantly developing great topics for you to use at no cost. Here’s a list of 12 great ideas about eating disorders:

  1. Do family genetics play a part in predicting whether some people are more or less prone to developing an eating disorder?
  2. How does a strong PhD research paper outline affect the way a writer approaches such a sensitive issue as eating disorders?
  3. What are the biggest therapeutic challenges faced by physicians who attempt to treat eating disorders with prescription drugs?
  4. How effective is psychology in the treatment of eating disorders? Are people less inclined to join treatment because of the stigma?
  5. Do group therapy sessions help people dealing with eating disorders in similar fashion to people being treated for drugs or alcohol abuse?
  6. How often should recovering patients get an assessment to ensure they have properly adjusted to new lifestyles?
  7. Obesity is not considered an eating disorder by many health practitioners and the general public. Why is this so?
  8. Should the government provide health insurance for those who suffer from any form of an eating disorder?
  9. How much does television and print advertisement affect the way people perceive themselves and thus succumb to an eating disorder?
  10. Are parents responsible for children who suffer from any type of eating disorder? Should they be liable for all treatment?
  11. Should parents be held legally responsible for any one of their children who dies because of an untreated eating disorder?
  12. How much has the number of eating disorder cases changed in the last half century? What can be attributed to this change?

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