A Collection Of Strong Research Paper Topics About Biology

Finding strong college biology research paper topics can be quite a task especially if one does not know where to get appropriate and timely help. Choosing a topic is taken simply by most students no wonder some of them spend longer in this stage than it is necessary. The topic may be the shortest part of a research paper but probably the most crucial. The scope and the tone of a paper are largely determined by the choice of the topic. The entire study is then pegged on the cut out scope and this makes the process of selecting a suitable topic very key in paper writing. Sometimes students receive a list of topics from their tutors to make individual choices. In other cases, the responsibility of identifying a study topic is entirely left to the students. The only conditions are that the topic must be in line with their field of study and it should provide a reasonable scope and argument. Once the supervisor approves, they can go ahead and begin their research. Biology students have a wide field of study from which they can choose strong and interesting topics. Some top notch research paper topics in biology:

  1. Effects of global warming on wild life and the measures that can be taken to save the situation
  2. The benefits of adopting technology in to the environmental conservation projects
  3. Using reforestation as a means to restore lost water catchment areas
  4. Training traditional nurses as a means of reducing maternal deaths in the marginalized regions
  5. Discussing the effects of industrialization in reproductive health among the middle aged population
  6. The role of the government in facing out genetically modified food products in the quest to reduce the risks of life style diseases
  7. Global contribution made by research and development in the efforts to make use of natural pest control methods
  8. Encouraging students to reinvent means of finding research paper topics about biology
  9. The effects of dairy cattle cross breeding on milk production and their ability to resist diseases
  10. Introducing sex education to elementary schools as a way of reducing the cases of teenage pregnancies