How To Cite A Research Paper In The Harvard Style

Like any other type writing, academic writing has different acceptable styles of writing. One of those styles is the Harvard style. If one does not have an idea on how to cite a research paper harvard style, however well they do the rest of the paper they will still lose it in the referencing. This however does not necessarily make academic writing complicated. One only needs to master the different styles and get reliable reference materials so that they can distinguish between the styles when writing. The main distinguishing details among these styles are the font, the spacing and referencing style among others. The greatest mistake a student can make is mixing different writing styles. This brings confusion to the work and the student faces the risk of losing marks and no one takes this lightly. The Harvard style of referencing is sometimes referred to as the author-date style. The following are standard guidelines that are used to do research paper referencing in the Harvard style

  • When citing a book, the author’s last name is written first followed by the first initial
  • The reference list should be written in the alphabetical order
  • All citations on the reference list must be double spaced
  • When listing more than three authors, there is an option to mention all of them or just the first followed by Et al.
  • Only the first word of the title should be capitalized as opposed to other styles where the whole title is in capital letters
  • In the case of a book, journal or magazine the titles should be in italics according to research paper harvard referencing
  • When citing multiple works by the same author, they should be listed in order of publication dates
  • When the need to mention an editor arises, the abbreviation `ed’ must be added after the name.
  • For three or less authors, their names should be separated with comas
  • Consistency is key. Formatting the citations must be done uniformly throughout the document up to the referencing

Mastering different writing styles is not necessarily hard even though it requires a high level of diligence. For those students who care about writing excellence, they can easily find research paper example harvard style in academic writing websites. Even though some of these writers might charge a small fee for the samples, it’s always a worthy sacrifice to make for any student.