Writing An Abstract For A Research Paper On Digestive System

Some students assume that some parts of a research paper are more important than others. The truth is, writing an abstract for a research paper is just as important as the data analysis. Each of these sections is marked independently yet makes a contribution to the overall grade. There is therefore need to give each part its due attention. Even for those who have not yet mastered the sections of a research paper and the standard rules, they have no excuse to produce sub-standard papers. In the wake of worldwide web connection, anyone can access online help on paper writing. Life does not have to be complicated since there are standard guidelines for every style of writing. An abstract is supposed to be one page long. It is a summary of the paper’s key points, method, purpose, findings and conclusion. It gives an overview of the document and it comes even before the introduction. The following are guidelines on how to do a proper abstract for research paper apa style.

  • It should be brief yet elaborately giving an overview of the whole paper so that the reader can easily tell what to expect.
  • The abstract comes immediately after the title page. In other words, it is the second page of the research paper.
  • Objectivity and accuracy must be maintained so that one can keep it simple
  • It should be written on a new page with the word abstract centered on top
  • The abstract should be structured in the same order as the main document. For instance, in the abstract, results should come after method just like it is in the main paper.
  • Keep the abstract paragraph short but very informative
  • It should be double-spaced like the rest of the paper
  • There should be two spaces after any sentence that ends with a period
  • The key words in the abstract should be italicized then indented five spaces from the left margin
  • The abstract page should be set at one inch margin all round

An abstract on the digestive system may sound troublesome but the bottom line is to know what the APA style demands on abstracts. A research paper sample abstract from online writing sites can be of help to the students who wish to excel in paper writing. Set standards and guidelines make any kind of writing manageable as long as one is familiar with the style in question.