Everything You Need To Know About A College Research Paper Structure

Different academic papers have defined structures that must be adhered to if one is to produce a standard paper. For instance, a research paper structure differs from the structure of an essay. The structure of any paper also refers to the outline within which one is able to bring out the details of their writing. A proper paper structure does not only help the one writing, but also the one who will later evaluate the paper. One should be able to follow through any piece of writing from the introduction, through the body to the conclusion. This is the only way they can tell whether paper objectives have been met. The following are the main sections of a research paper

  1. The title page: Primarily, the topic of study is central on this page. Then a brief description of what to expect
  2. Abstract: This is basically a summary of the whole paper and the main details
  3. Introduction: The introduction should be done in such a way that it captures the main points in the study in a captivating manner.
  4. Method: In a scientific research paper structure, this section gives a detailed description of the methods used in data collection and analysis
  5. Results: After data collection, review of literature and analysis of data there is need for one to display the findings. They pave way for a meaningful engagement on the subject of study.
  6. Discussion: This comes after the findings where one discusses how the results will affect the subject around which the search was carried out.
  7. Conclusion: At this point, the researcher should give the way forward with regard to the past, the present and the probable future of the subject.
  8. Reference: This a citation list of the material used for reference in the whole study. This is important so that one can avoid plagiarism which is a crime.

The vitality of the role that a structure plays in every composition cannot be over emphasized. Even a research paper paragraph structure is clearly defined for the purposes of order and bringing out the objectives of a research.