Creating A Winning APA Style Research Paper Cover Page

Many students get in to trouble when it comes to writing their research paper cover pages. This is not because they do not know how to complete this seemingly simple task. The main problem comes in the in ability for most of them to differentiate between different styles of paper writing. The way a research paper apa cover page would be is different from the way it would be done in the MLA style of writing. The difference comes in the fonts, spacing or even the margin sizes. Unless a student masters these differences, they are bound to hit trouble every time the tutor comes with unfamiliar instructions. The diligent students get all this information prior to their paper writing seasons so that they can have an easy time in research. They do this by reading widely as well as getting various paper samples written in the different styles of writing.

When the appointed time for research papers comes, students hardly find any time to familiarize themselves with some basic writing skills. This means that for one to be on the safe side, they must get their act together way before that time. Knowing how to accurately write a research paper apa title page must come earlier so as to save on time and avoid unnecessary stress. Below are rules that govern the construction of a standard research paper cover page in APA style

  • Personal details should be center aligned and written at the bottom of the page. These may include the name of the student, the institution and the date on which the paper is submitted
  • The page number should be created using the header function. It should appear on every page and should also be right aligned
  • The title is supposed to be center aligned and occupying up to almost half of the page. It is the most important part of this page hence the need for it to occupy the bigger part. Any research paper outline template apa style will always portray the title as the one getting the lion’s share of the space on the cover page.
  • This page should be double spaced like the rest of the paper
  • Official fonts like Calibri or Times New Roman should be used on this page to portray the official nature of the paper. Decorative fonts are not allowed since they rob the document of its official nature and some are also not easy to read.
  • A running header, which is actually a short version of the title should be at the top of the page with a right justification
  • There should be one inch margins on the top, bottom and the sides
  • The title should neither be italicized nor written in bold. Underlining of the title I also not acceptable.
  • The student’s name should not have any titles attached to them. Only the name of the supervisor can have a title to it.
  • The first word on the page should be indented at half an inch