Captivating Research Paper Topics for College Students about Hormones

The key to writing a great assignment on any topic is developing topics that are both interesting and original. For many, however, this is easier said than done. We have reached out to some of the most informed writing experts to provide us with research paper topics for college students and they have delivered in the best way possible by giving us 12 excellent topics on the subject of hormones. This list combined with an excellent research paper template for college should guarantee you earn the highest grade possible if you put in the work. These are available to you for free so use them at your convenience:

  1. How effective is hormone therapy in fighting certain types of cancer? Should we invest more into this type of research?
  2. Is it ethical for parents and doctors to apply hormone therapy on children born with a mental disorder in order to keep them young and manageable?
  3. Should hormone treatments be used in fertility cases or is this a misapplication of the medical science for extreme profits?
  4. How are cancer treatments being used to develop potential hormones that could fight or prevent cancer altogether?
  5. Should people have the freedom to change hormones in fetuses in order to control the features a child will possess?
  6. Do hormones impact the way certain teenagers behave, possibly causing violent behavior and violent actions? How can they be treated?
  7. Does hormonal therapy help in the treatment of autism? What about using the treatment as a way of prevention?
  8. Should people be allowed to use hormone therapy to transition into a different gender? Is this an ethical or moral question?
  9. Is it ethical to use growth hormones on food products? And should people be informed of this even at its lowest level?
  10. How can hormone technology be used to increase food production in an effort to help starving people in third world countries?
  11. Should the government require food growth hormone companies release their proprietary information to the public?
  12. Does the Food and Drug Administration have an ethical bind to release information to the public in cases that pose some type of danger?

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