10 Fresh Research Paper Topics for Medical Technology Students

Writing a research paper within the medical technology field is a difficult enough task without you having to develop a topic. You like many students probably struggle at having to constantly come up with research paper topics in medical field that are both original and interesting. We’ve put together a list you should find helpful and can easily draw ideas from or use as they are written here:

  1. How do alternative medicinal practices compare with medical technologies when dealing with patients suffering from terminally ill diseases such as cancer?
  2. In what ways has modern medical technology created a new job industry in which people with specific skills are in high demand?
  3. Will the combination of medicine and technology become the new desired and most promising job industry of the late 21st century? If so, should students begin learning early?
  4. How can medical technology be used to predict the risk of cancer in certain humans and how can pharmaceutical companies respond by creating preventative medication?
  5. In what ways has medical technology changed from WWI till present day? Can we reasonably expect people to advance faster or slower than we have in the last century?
  6. What advancements in sports medicine have been made as a result of medical technology? Will these advancements change the way people play sports?
  7. How is a research paper on medical ethics not a good indicator of the important issues that academics are trying to uncover about medical technology?
  8. What are the benefits of large scale improved technology in medicine? What impact will corporations have in moving the field further?
  9. How has wireless and remote medical technology changed the field? What does it mean for difficult procedures when a talented doctor can operate from afar?
  10. Does medical technology require greater oversight because of the potential dangers and risks it puts patients in without the proper handling?

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