Collection of Quantitative Research Paper Topics on Marine Life Forms

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  1. How does marine life research open up new doors and categories of empirical knowledge in the fight against cancer?
  2. What are the general characteristics of both hard and soft muddy bottom creatures of the Caribbean salt-less oceans?
  3. What has been learned by the exploration of deep seas that can aid in regeneration tissue science on humans?
  4. How do marine life forms suffer from the oil mining of the oceans and how are ocean scientists using technology to save these life forms?
  5. Can the United States take a bigger role and protecting the wild marine life forms of waters where fishing is a major industry?
  6. What evolutionary traits can be learned by studying certain predatory marine life forms? How have they led to new advancements in what we know about evolution?
  7. What are the biggest effects between fish farming and fish hunting on surrounding marine life forms? What are the similarities and differences?
  8. How does season weather affect global warming and its impact on fish grounds near the equator which should have warm waters?
  9. What do we know about seafood that might be harmful to the health of humans? What role should the government take to protect its citizens?
  10. How does certain sea life migrate around the ocean in response to human activities that affect their food supply and other risks?

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