How To Format A Title Page Of A Research Paper Properly

The title page of any academic paper is known to be one of the shortest and probably less detailed. However, it plays a major role in giving the paper a fore image from which the reader or evaluator can begin to understand the theme. In this connection, mastering the format of research paper title page is very important for every student. Even though there are many paper writing styles, it is possible for one to know which way to go as long as they get the right help and insight. Some of the common styles of writing include the MLA and APA style among others. Each of these styles is shaped by rules and guidelines that govern their application in any paper. Some of the key points in coming up with a well done title page include:

APA style

  • The title should be center aligned going to almost halfway the page
  • There should be a running head which is simply a shortened version of the title. It is used as a header on each page and is usually justified to the left
  • Personal details like name of the student, institution and date of submission should be at the bottom of the page, also center aligned.
  • The page number should be separated from the running head by at least five spaces
  • Double spacing should be applied on the title page just as in the rest of the document

For any research paper format, title page should always be given special attention since it introduces the evaluator to the paper way before the main introduction is done. If this page does not capture the attention of the reader, they may not capture the theme of the study perfectly. The MLA style of writing may require one to format the title page a little bit differently. The key guidelines include;

  • Normal title capitalization where the first letter of every main word is in capital
  • The first and the last name of the author should be included.
  • No punctuations for the title.
  • The name of the course and section numbers should be written in the same font as the instructor’s title
  • This format calls for the European style of dating where the day starts, then the month and finally the year.

To get it right in any research paper heading format, the student will be required to know what different styles demand, and also have reliable reference materials.